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Leverage EnergyLink's Public School Funding Program to lower operating costs and free up more funds to bolster STEM programs and better serve your students

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What is the Public School Funding Program?

EnergyLink founded the Public School Funding Program (PSFP) in 2020 in response to the education budget cuts that followed COVID-19. Our goal with this program is to provide schools with funding sources they can use to support students who are struggling. As a design-build engineering firm in the renewable energy sector, it is our hope that these funds will encourage students to enter a field where they too can benefit their community and the environment.

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How does the Public School Funding Program work?

The PSFP program works by connecting school districts with investors who are interested in renewable energy projects, and facilitating the creation of Managed Energy Service Agreements (MESAs) and Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPCs) that enable these investors to build renewable energy projects on school facilities that generate revenue for both the school district and the investor, while presenting virtually zero risk to the school district.

It is common for these projects to generate anywhere from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in positive cash flows for school districts over a 20 year time period, with all risk absorbed by third party investors and EnergyLink.

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How to start the program

The first process begins with EnergyLink providing in-depth engineering-auditing services to the school district to determine what types of renewable energy projects are possible that will attract investors. Once potential projects are determined, EnergyLink will conduct financial analysis to help the school district determine how much potential revenue could be gained from engaging in the PSFP. If the school would like to continue, EnergyLink begins to garner interest from investors, lenders, and sponsors of the potential project.

EnergyLink will then work with the school district, the lenders, and the investor to create a MESA that benefits all parties involved, providing the most benefit to the school district.

At this time, EnergyLink will also draft an ESPC that guarantees the project’s cash flows to the school district for the life of the project to ensure the school district can only make money from the proposed arrangements.

Best energy products for public schools

Energy cost stats for public schools

On average, public schools spend $0.67/sqft. for electricity and $0.19/sqft. for natural gas. See the chart below to learn which systems use the most energy in public schools. Understanding this is critical to stabilizing and lowering operating costs.










Water heating & other

Take action to benefit your students

With budgets being cut left and right for public schools, this is a surefire way to increase funds so your students can be engaged in stronger programs with a better, healthier, and more efficient environment around them.

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