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Colorado State University - Lory Student Center

Client background

In late 2020, Colorado State University enlisted EnergyLink to help them install a student-funded 80 kW rooftop solar array atop their Lory Student Center. The Lory Student Center serves as a supportive, creative gathering place for exchanging ideas, socializing, challenging social and cultural norms and engaging in campus activities.

The Lory Student Center contributes directly to the educational mission of Colorado State University (CSU) by providing encouragement and opportunities for participation in educational, cultural, and recreational activities, and provides services for the convenience of the campus community. It is CSU’s hope that this solar installation will benefit students from an educational and environmental perspective for years to come.

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Products installed

Quick facts

Project location

Fort Collins, Colorado

Project date

October 2020

Project length

Two months

Payback period


Projected utility savings (year 1)


Projected utility savings (10 years)


Projected utility savings (20 years)


Annual kWh Savings


Pounds of CO2 offset


Pounds of coal burned


Acres of U.S. forests preserved


Smartphones charged


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