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    Many C-PACE developers will only handle the agreement of financial terms with PACE. They won’t handle auditing your facility, the engineering and design work that goes with planning an energy project, or the construction phase of the project. EnergyLink handles all of these processes, so you’re only having to talk with one company to get your energy project done. Dealing with less intermediaries means your company will save time and money while dealing with less of the hassle that comes with energy projects.

    EnergyLink integrates engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services with auditing and financial services to insure that your company’s energy project is done as efficiently as possible, ensuring the best results under C-PACE terms that work for your company.

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    What is an EPC energy company?

    Leverage our integrated services to ensure your C-PACE project is designed, funded and constructed to achieve the best economic outcome for your organization

    Why you should choose EnergyLink as your C-PACE developer

    With EnergyLink, you have a C-PACE developer who will:

    • Manage all aspects of the C-PACE process
    • Develop a scope of work tailored to your company’s project or portfolio goals
    • Evaluate all technical and financial resources available for your company’s project
    • Obtain mortgage holder consent
    • Support your company’s legal and finance agreements
    • Negotiate and close the best financial terms for the project
    • Manage the project from day one until its completion and beyond

    Benefits of C-PACE

    • No Upfront Costs: C-PACE requires no up-front payments to get an energy project started
    • Quick Energy Savings: Energy savings will be generated from day one, so, with no upfront payment, positive cash flows are guaranteed from day one
    • Property-Tied Agreements: C-PACE agreements are tied to the property, so your company will not be tied to it if you move
    • Flexible Terms: There are terms available for payment schedules of up to 20 years
    • Pay With Your Savings: A portion of the energy savings your new energy equipment generates will go towards paying for the project itself
    • Other Advantages: C-PACE has a low annual assessment and does not require a credit score check

    Starting the C-PACE Project Process

    Getting started is simple. Follow these steps to get your energy project done:

    1. Give us a call at (866) 218-0380 to schedule a free energy audit
    2. We will assess your facility’s current energy systems and historical energy use
    3. Given this information, we’ll design a system with the most current energy products that are right for your company
    4. We will submit a proposal to you with those suggested products, energy savings forecasts for over 20 years, and suggestions for financing options that make the most sense for your specific project
    5. You will communicate directly with the same team member throughout the process to make sure your project is managed properly from start to finish

    Get started with a free energy audit

    EnergyLink offers a free energy audit for commercial buildings looking for engineering, procurement, and / or construction