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Renewable Energy Developer Services

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio into renewables, renewable energy storage, or green tech? If so, we can can be your developer and EPC

How the development process works

With renewable energy projects, developers piece a deal together and own the systems installed through the agreement. They get capital for the projects they own from a financier (private equity funds, endowment funds, pension funds, capital markets managers, portfolio managers, family offices, investment banks) and an EPC is brought in to do the construction.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency products your project could include

Why choose a fully integrated renewable energy developer?

Dealing with so many intermediaries for one project can be frustrating, time intensive, and can lead to unwanted changes to the project down the road (solutions being value engineered out). EnergyLink can handle that load for you and develop a project that makes economic sense. Our developer services are better, providing the following benefits:

Lower cost for the project

More accurate projections

Designs better suited to the investment

Development services EnergyLink provides

Securing funding

Through a comprehensive evaluation of private equity funds, endowment funds, pension funds, capital markets managers, portfolio managers, family offices, investment banks.

EPC services

Working with our team to engineer designs tailored to the project site's specifications, procure all products needed for the job, and construct everything in a timely manner.

Financial analysis

Running financial models to ensure strong economic value for the project, showing energy savings figures, cash flow projections, NPV and IRR calculations, and a tax benefit analysis.

Labor force

Mobilizing construction crews nationwide to construct the project as described in the agreement and to the high standards every EnergLink project must pass as a NAESCO certified Energy Efficiency Contractor.

O&M services

Performing routine operations and maintenance examinations and monitoring under the standards set by NAESCO to ensure all installations are working properly without any issues along the way.

Now is the time to invest in renewable energy

Work with EnergyLink to develop, design, and build a project that makes economic sense for you and all parties involved.

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