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3 Benefits of Destratification Fans For Your Business

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In the winter, it usually takes a long time to warm a large facility up. The main cause of this is the stratification of air. No matter what circumstances you are in, hot air always goes up whereas cold air tends to stay low. Thus, in a high-ceilinged room, hot air is usually on the top and cold air is at the bottom. This not only slows down the air flow and create layers in the air, but also increases energy costs because it takes much longer to heat up the floor.

Destratification fans are designed to recirculate the air in a large room, especially those with high ceilings, and reduce the energy cost, according to Zoo Fans. The term “destratification” means to eliminate strata, or layers. Hence, destratification fans help to eliminate the strata in the air.

If you are considering installing destratification fans in your facility, whether it is a gym, a warehouse, or a factory, consider these 3 main benefits your company could get from destratification fans:

1. Improved air circulation

Destratification fans can increase the speed of air flow. It can bring the cold air up and take the hot air down. By improving air circulation inside the room, employees will feel more comfortable, and thus increase their performances.

2. Heat or cool your facility up faster

The main purpose of destratification fans is to improve the flow of hot or cool air. By taking hot air back to the floor, destratification fans help heat up a high-ceilinged building in a faster speed without making the ceiling too hot, and vice-versa for cool air. For large facilities with a lot of open space, this can be a huge benefit.

3. Lower energy cost

Destratification fans help the facility owner to save up to 30% off heating costs. In order to make the floor warm enough in a high-ceilinged room during winter time, the ceiling is usually heated up to 90 degrees, according to the Zoo Fans video. This process can help to significantly reduce costs and prevent the air from forming layers in the room.

If you are interested in installing commercial destratification fans for your facility, visit our website for more information. 

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