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How to Prepare for a Commercial Energy Audit


If you are looking to reduce your energy costs and output, consider scheduling an energy audit for your commercial space. This thorough assessment is performed by a highly trained energy auditor and is the first step in reducing your energy costs. While the auditor is the one who conducts the audit, they will need some information from you so they can be as accurate as possible in their findings. To be sure that you get the most out of your energy audit, take a look at these tips so that you are fully prepared.

Know the Basic Stats of Your Building

  • You will want to be able to answer a few basic questions about your building such as:
  • What is the average number of occupants?
  • What is the thermostat set to on average in the summer and winter?
  • What are the heating sources used and with what fuel type?
  • How many heating and cooling zones are there?
  • Are there any heat pumps, space heaters, or equipment that produce heat in the building and where are they located?

Know Your Past Energy Usage

Gather copies of energy bills from the last year for heating, cooling, and electricity. If you don’t have them on hand, you can easily request copies from your utility providers. This will let the auditor know the amount of fuel used throughout that time frame.

Know What Issues You Would Like to Solve

Over time you may have created a running list of existing problems in your head, but it is helpful to write them all down on paper. You will want to be able to discuss them with your auditor and not accidentally leave anything out. Some of these issues might include rooms that have a draft, visible condensation, mold or mildew, odors, dampness, or even pest problems like ants or mice.

Have Someone Present for Commercial Energy Audit

There may be areas the auditor needs to inspect that aren’t easily accessible without the help of you or someone who works in the building. This might include crawl spaces, attics, or the electric panels and heating/cooling systems. Being with the auditor during the walk-through may also be an excellent time for you to ask any questions that might arise. You will also be present to provide information or answer any questions the auditor might have.

Contact Us About Commercial Energy Audit

Learning how your commercial space uses energy is an essential first step toward lowering your monthly costs and conserving energy. Depending on the building size, certified energy auditors typically charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to perform a commercial energy audit. EnergyLink is one of the few commercial energy service companies that provides comprehensive energy audits at no cost. If you are interested in scheduling a commercial energy audit for your commercial space, click here to talk with one of our experts.

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