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LED or Fluorescent: Which Bulb is Better for Your Business?

LED or fluorescent

The choice between LED or fluorescent lights is one commonly faced today, as they are two of the most popular lighting options on the market. At a glance, they may appear similar. However, there are distinct differences between the two that makes one type of lighting the superior choice for both commercial and residential use. The main differences between LED and fluorescent lighting can be seen in the ways they function, their usable lifespan and their energy costs. Keep reading to find out which lighting option is best for your commercial or industrial organization: LED or fluorescent?

LED or fluorescent?

LED lights were developed in the 1960s and can transfer electricity directly into lights. They are superior to fluorescent lighting in the categories of energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, safety, lifespan and installation. In general, LED lights use less energy than fluorescent light and last up to 25 years long. They don’t contain mercury, unlike fluorescent lights, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly option. They are also safer because they emit little heat, while fluorescent bulbs release around 80% of their energy as heat.

LED lighting is more expensive than fluorescent lighting up front, but it is the cheaper option in the long run due to the lifespan of LED bulbs. Also, LED lights could lower your utility bills by 30% which makes them the more cost-efficient lighting option regardless of their upfront cost.

Because of LED lighting’s energy efficiently, there are lighting rebates available for your commercial entity to take advantage. These incentives could shorten the projected ROI for LED light bulbs of 3-5 years. Installation is also easier and safer with LED lighting.

When it comes down to choosing LED or fluorescent lighting for your business, LED is the superior choice for all the above reasons.

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LED or fluorescent

Fluorescent lights were developed in the mid-1800s. This more antiquated technology uses mercury to emit ultraviolet light, which is absorbed by a phosphor coating and re-emitted in the form of visible light. They offer a cheaper lighting option in the short run, but won’t last nearly as long as LED lights. Fluorescent lighting’s short lifespan results in a less efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly lighting option for residential or commercial purposes.

Upgrade to LED lighting

If you are faced with a choice between LED or fluorescent lights for your commercial or industrial business, choose LED. With a LED lighting system, you can worry less about common lighting problems, such as bulbs overheating or possible poisoning from fluorescent bulb chemicals.

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