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3 Reasons Why You Should Pair Energy Storage With EV Chargers

energy storage with EV chargers

Electric vehicle (EV) popularity has been on the rise in recent years with sales rising 43% globally in 2020. This increase in popularity has also created the need for more EV charging stations globally. Increased need for EV chargers has raised the question of how to sustain them. This is where energy storage systems come in to play. The combination of energy storage with EV chargers creates a cost effective solution to electric vehicle charging.

Why you should pair energy storage with EV chargers

You should pair energy storage with EV chargers because of benefits like lower demand charges, faster charging and increased security that occur when these technologies are combined. These benefits are outlined below.

1. Lower demand charges

Combining energy storage with EV chargers will allow you to avoid peak-demand charges and make EV charging stations a more cost-effective endeavor. During peak-demand periods, EVs can be charged using stored power instead of drawing energy from the grid.

2. Faster charging

Energy storage enables EV charging stations to work faster. EV charging becomes faster with energy storage because it allows for use of extra energy stored during peak-demand times when the grid is overloaded. Energy storage keeps the grid stable by providing another source of electricity for charging vehicles.

3. Security

The combination of energy storage with EV chargers also provides security to communities. Energy storage offers a separate power source in case of a blackout and ensures that drivers will still be able to charge their cars.

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems collect power generated from natural energy sources for later use. This technology, in all of its variations, will save your company or organization money in the long-term. These solutions can include battery energy storage, thermal energy storage or borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) systems. Click each solution to find out which would best fit your company or organization’s unique needs.

EV Charging

EV charging stations provide a low maintenance way to showcase your commitment to sustainability to your community, customers and employees. EV chargers can also generate business revenue while customers are charging. They are ideal solutions for facilities with solar carports or sidewalks in or next to a parking lot, as EV chargers need to be easily accessible. To read more about the benefits of EV charging stations and whether or not they are right for your organization, click here.

Interested in installing energy storage with EV chargers?

If you are interested in installing energy storage and/or EV chargers, let EnergyLink’s team of experts guide you through this process. Our team will assist you throughout the designing, building and funding stages of the installation and ensure that the finished product is a solution that caters to your company or organization’s unique needs. For free product quotes on energy storage systems, click here. To get started on an EV charger installation, click the link below for a free quote. If you would like to speak with a team member directly, call (866) 218-0380.

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