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Austin Community College

Project details

Austin Community College initially installed a 121.2 KW solar array across three campus buildings in 2010, but this system was not operating at the expected efficiency. The system issues were unclear, and Austin Community College established an RFP to repower the system and provide ongoing support. Austin Community College enlisted the industry expertise of EnergyLink to assess and repower the solar energy system.

The previously installed system was failing to meet the expected production and efficiency requirements, and this repowering project aimed to transform the system’s operation to maximum efficiency. Additionally, the repowering by EnergyLink would provide long-term support and monitoring for the energy system that the previous installer failed to offer. 

Some quick facts on the project...

Austin, TX

June 2023

and all solutions we installed

Financial stats


Year 1 realized savings


Year 10 projected savings


Year 20 projected savings

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Annual kWh offset


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Acres of forest preserved

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