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The Seventy-Six project

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The Seventy-Six is an ambitious project in Albany, New York which is set to be the first ever triple net-zero development. This large complex will provide affordable low income housing and commercial spaces with an upscale appearance. Notable aspects of the project include:

  • Triple Net-Zero: Zero Electric, Water, and Waste consumption through highly advanced architectural engineering tactics for the complex’s structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.
  • Huge Solar Output: The solar arrays installed are expected to output 2,750 MWh of solar, which will far exceed the energy the complex consumes, leaving plenty of available energy for charging electric vehicles.
  • The Latest Energy Technology: The complex is set to use the latest energy technology, including: rooftop and carport solar arrays, solar thermal technology, and urban wind turbines for additional power generation. For heating and cooling, borehole thermal energy storage (BTES), geothermal heat pumps, hydroelectric tech, and efficient HVAC units will be used. Also, LED lights will be installed for optimum efficiency.
  • Advanced Solar Implementation: In addition to the utilization of both monofacial and bifacial solar panels on rooftop and carport arrays, The Seventy Six will benefit from the use of solar thermal technology for more efficient water heating.
  • A Focus on Efficiency: Large batteries will be installed to store excess energy generated from solar and wind sources, and the use of that stored energy will be regulated by an advanced building automation system. This will in turn make net zero electric possible and zero out the new complex’s impact on the environment.
  • Large Budget: The project is expected to use a budget of over $100 million.
  • Well-Funded: $10-20 million in US Department of Energy awards are expected for this project in addition to $5-10 million from the Green Innovation Grant program. Other funding sources like C-PACE may be utilized as well.
  • High Community Impact: With 60-70% of the complex being devoted to low income housing and state of the art architectural design, The Seventy-Six is on course to provide an upscale living experience like never before for a crowded New York community.

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