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What is Renewable Natural Gas?

renewable natural gas

With increased federal and state government support in recent years, interest in and opportunities for procurement of renewable natural gas (RNG) have greatly risen. RNG can be used as a clean alternative to harmful fossil fuels, helping organizations lower their carbon footprint and fight climate change. Keep reading for an overview of what RNG is and how it is generated.

What is renewable natural gas?

Renewable natural gas, otherwise known as biomethane or green gas, is a carbon-neutral fuel that is generated from landfills, wastewater treatment plants and livestock operations. It is an alternative to natural gas and methane gas that is interchangeable with conventional natural gas, meaning that it can easily be incorporated with existing infrastructure. Its applications include the transportation, corporate and higher education sectors. These sectors may utilize RNG in a natural gas fired chiller. Chillers are a key component of HVAC systems as they dehumidify and cool indoor spaces.

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Using RNG lowers greenhouse gas emissions and contributes no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Capturing methane from the environment reduces its harmful effects, as methane is 28x more potent at heat trapping than carbon dioxide.

How is renewable natural gas generated?

Human-generated biogas already present in the environment is used to generate RNG. Biogas in its raw form, resulting from the decomposition of biomass, is captured from landfills, wastewater treatment plants and livestock operations. This is pictured below The landfill gas and methane produced at these locations is processed into a useable form of energy that meets local distribution pipeline specifications.

renewable natural gas
Heap of biomass from a biogas plant

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