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Energy cost data for multi-family properties

With multi-family properties, space heating, lighting, and water heating account for 87% of energy costs. See the chart below to learn which processes use the largest amount of energy. Understanding this is critical to lowering your energy costs.

Energy consumer Consumption (%)
Space heating
Water heating
Air conditioning
Refrigeration & other

Services specifically tailored to get the best performance out of multi-family facilities

For multi-family facilities cutting utility costs is a huge way to increase the property value and profits. Additionally, ensuring comfort levels and retention of tenants is among the utmost importance.

There are a variety of programs available which can help multi-family facilities realize the benefits of an energy savings program. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and FHA offer Green Loans with lower interest rates for owners that incorporate energy efficiency / renewable energy into their properties.

The best energy efficiency solutions for multi-family facilities

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