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6 Benefits of Solar Canopies

solar canopies

Solar canopies are an umbrella term that also encompass solar technology such as carports, patio covers, pergolas and gazebos. There are many benefits to implementing this solar technology at your facility, and those are outlined below.

What is a solar canopy?

Solar canopies are an umbrella term that include and most often refer to ground-mounted solar panels installed above parking lots. They are a custom-built structure that holds up an overhanging solar array. Canopies allow installers to orient the panels at an optimal angle for sunlight exposure, which translates to maximum power generation. This technology generates power while saving room for functional use beneath them.

Benefits of solar canopies

There are numerous financial, environmental and practical benefits that make solar canopies a worthwhile endeavor. Six main benefits are outlined below.

1. Significant energy Savings

Owning a solar canopy will minimize energy expenses, and therefore produce significant energy savings. Onsite power generation will offset electricity expenses. By lowering energy expenses and making them more predictable, this technology can also help stabilize a business’ cash flow.

2. Reduced parking lot maintenance costs

Solar canopies can reduce parking lot maintenance costs by protecting the area’s it covers from inclement weather. This protection will reduce maintenance and removal costs related to rain and snow. It will also make the parking lot safer and less icy in winter months.

3. Reduced carbon footprint

As is true with any solar or renewable energy technology, installing it at your facility will lower your company’s carbon footprint and make your business or organization a more sustainable one overall. Your company’s commitment to sustainability will also attract likeminded individuals, whether they be potential employees or customers.

4. Efficient use of space

No additional space is necessary to install a solar canopy. Existing space in your parking lot can be used in combination with bifacial solar panels to collect light that bounces off the ground beneath the canopy. The combination of a canopy with bifacial panels will generate up to 25 percent more electricity beneath white gravel in particular.

Solar canopies will also provide shade for your parking lot, which can go a long way with employees and customers as they can keep their car cool in warmer months.

5. Adaptability

Solar canopies can be custom designed to fit your company’s specific needs. The size and style can be tailored to your space to ensure maximum energy generation.

6. Easy EV charger integration

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can be easily integrated with a solar canopy. Employees and customers will be able to charge their cars under a shelter, and EV chargers will be out of the way instead of obstructing your parking lot or sidewalks. EV chargers will also generate revenue for your business in the form of direct and indirect income. Direct income will come from charging employees and/or customers for the service of recharging their vehicles. They will attract eco-friendly customers, which will indirectly generate income.

Interested in installing a solar canopy?

Solar canopies are an ideal option for companies with limited roof or ground space looking to take advantage of all of the above benefits. If you are interested in installing a solar canopy, partner with EnergyLink on your next project. EnergyLink’s team of experts will guide you through the design, build and fund stages of your project and ensure that you get the results you were promised. To get started, click the link below for a free quote. If you would like to speak to a team member directly, dial (866) 218-0380.

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