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How Much do Solar Canopies Cost?

solar canopies cost

The answer to the question of how much solar canopies cost is important to consider before installation in order to ensure that they are a viable solution for your company and facility. Solar canopies are a technology that provide an ideal alternative energy solution for facilities with limited roof or ground space and companies looking to increase sustainability.There are many financial, environmental and practical benefits that come with installing a solar canopy. While it is important to understand how much solar canopies cost, it is also important to note that this cost can be offset by savings from the system and financial incentives.

What are solar canopies?

Solar canopies are a broad term that encompasses solar technology such as carports, patio covers, pergolas and gazebos. They are custom-built structures that hold up overhanging solar arrays and are designed to allow for power generation and functional space beneath them. Solar canopies allow installers the ability to orient the panels at an optimal angle for sunlight exposure, which maximized power generation capabilities. Solar canopies are an ideal renewable energy solution for companies that are low on roof or ground space.

How much do solar canopies cost?

The average price of commercial solar canopies ranges $3.45 per watt to $3.99 per watt and the average system size is about 11kW. That puts the price of an average solar canopy of a starting point of around $38,000. According to a GMT Research study, costs are projected to decline as solar canopies’ popularity increases. How much solar canopies cost will vary depending on the size of the system and facility electricity costs.

If the cost of a solar canopy seems daunting, know that there are ways to offset this cost. The solar canopy itself will generate onsite electricity that offsets the overall electricity usage and costs at your facility. Solar canopies also provide coverage for your parking lot, and this coverage translates to lower parking lot maintenance costs. EV chargers can also be easily integrated into a solar canopy system, and will generate income for your business.

There are also financial incentives that make solar technology more affordable.These incentives include federal and state tax credits and cash rebates from local utilities. Financing options and leasing agreements such as C-PACE and power purchase agreements (PPAs) also make solar technology more affordable.

Interested in installing a solar canopy?

If you are interested in installing a solar canopy consider partnering with EnergyLInk. Our team of experts will walk you through the design, build and fund stages of energy project installation. The amount that solar canopies cost may seem daunting, but EnergyLink’s team are knowledgeable of alternate financing options. To get started, click the link below for a free quote. If you would like to speak to a team member directly, call (866) 218-0380.

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