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Start A Net Zero Electric Energy Project

Dramatically lower operating costs for your organization, improve operational efficiency, become more sustainable, and get off the grid with a holistic energy project

What is net zero electric?

Net zero electric is achieved when the amount of electricity your facility uses equals the amount that’s been produced through renewable energy. Just having solar cannot get you to net zero. The process to achieve net zero electric entails assessing and improving all aspects of your facility, with a specific emphasis on reducing electric peak demand.

Benefits of going net zero

Achieving net zero means your organization won’t have to rely on your local electric grid at all, you’ll be incredibly more energy-efficient, and you will be a better steward for your community. Net zero electric isn’t as commonly reached as you’d think so you will also get great PR for being a great steward for your community.

Dramatically lower operating costs

Good PR and community goodwill

Get off the grid & generate your own power

Areas that need to be improved or added to reach net zero

A comprehensive approach, evaluating all factors, such as heating and cooling systems, boilers, thermal boundary (including window insulation and rooftop heat reflection), and lighting is required. 

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HVAC systems & thermal boundary

The smallest things such as the SEER rating of HVAC units or not having a white cool roof and insulated windows matter when attempting to go net zero.

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Power generation & storage

On-site power generation to produce the equivalent amount of energy is required to achieve net zero. Having the exact amount of solar is critical.

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Lighting & controls

Installing LED lights and using automation controls to regulate the use of solar power and HVAC systems drives down demand to reach net zero.

EnergyLink helped Oxford Vista, a 31 acre nonprofit campus, achieve net zero electric. We can help you too

What net zero looks like

The curve below demonstrates how each step in the net zero project process reduces peak demand, which is required to reach net zero. Unlike EnergyLink, most companies can’t handle every individual step

Net Zero Electric Demand Chart

The time to act is now

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