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5 Great Reasons To Hire an Energy Consultant

Energy Consultant reviewing plans

Energy consultants can be a great way to achieve energy savings. When analyzing costs, companies typically focus on areas of their business they are familiar with and can easily address. Two of the most important contributors to company expenditure are operating costs and energy usage. Although many companies are aware of these costs, they lack having in-house industry specific knowledge to implement effective cost saving initatives. This is where an Energy consultant comes in!

What is an Energy Consultant?

Energy consultants are experts in how to reach a company’s energy goals and can even surpass them using industry specific knowledge. They have a vast understanding of areas such as energy efficiency and how to utilize the most cost effective solutions for a company’s power generation. Just like any other business consultant, an energy consultant’s number one priority is saving the organization money. They do this by using their expertise to implement cost-saving initiatives that reduce a company’s energy usage and make it more environmentally conscious. Read below to find out five reasons why energy consultant’s can be such a great tool to invest in for your business.

5 Reasons to Hire a Consultant:

1. Industry Specific Knowledge

Energy Consultant’s are masters of the energy industry. They understand the nuances of an energy plan and how small changes can have big impacts on the bottom line. For example, the difference between traditional incandescent bulbs and commercial LED lights can save a company up to 30% on their utility bill. Many companies are not even aware of such solutions as they are busy focusing on other aspects of running a successful business. Managing energy usage solutions is a role that requires industry specific understanding, as ill-informed cost saving efforts can quickly lead to a surge in operating costs. By taking the advice of an energy consultant, a company instantly saves money without the unknown fear of trial and error costs!

2. Innovative Troubleshooting

By hiring a consultant with an industry specific perspective, companies can get niche solutions to their energy problems. Although a regular employee may identify lighting as a cost saving initiative, bringing together all aspects of an energy plan requires expertise. An Energy consultant can carry out a full building analysis and effectively identify all areas that can be improved. Innovative solutions such as energy controls can drastically reduce costs and promote a company’s corporate image, especially if renewable energy is incorporated. However, they require an expert to identify how they can best be implemented and that’s where an energy consultant comes in.

3. Cash Flow Management

Implementing new energy saving initiatives can have upfront costs. As mentioned above, energy consultants are focused on saving an organization money, so the added benefit of hiring a consultant is that they have a much deeper understanding of how to minimize associated costs through schemes and grants available to a company. Energy consultants help a company transition to being a more sustainable, profitable business with ease, as they fully understand how to maximize incentives available. Thus, a company can leave the nitty gritty financial analysis in the hands of an expert and sit back while enjoying lower monthly bills.

4. Increased Corporate Sustainability

By practicing corporate social responsibility, companies show accountability and transparency to their stakeholders. They hold themselves responsible for their impacts on the environment, as well as other areas of society. While many companies strive for corporate sustainability, it can be hard to understand how to get there, which is why hiring an energy consultant can be so beneficial. By having industry-specific knowledge, the consultant can implement cost saving initiatives, while enhancing corporate image of the company and creating a better impact on the surrounding community.

5. The Triple Bottom Line

Traditionally companies only focus on the financial bottom line, but our world is changing. It is becoming more and more important to consider not only a company’s goals but the goals of our planet and those around us. By hiring one of EnergyLink’s energy consultants, companies can benefit from having a Triple Bottom Line, which consists of financial, social, and environmental responsibilities.

The TBL framework strives to achieve sustainability in these three aspects and encourages organizations to prioritize society and the environment, as much as financial gain. By hiring an EnergyLink energy consultant, companies gain access to turnkey energy management solutions which provide utility savings, tax incentives, cash rebates, and government grants. These solutions directly affect profits and make a lasting contribution to bettering surrounding communities and environment.

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