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Financial Analysis for Energy Projects

Gain deep insights into the viability of an energy project for your company, as well as energy savings figures, cash flow projections, NPV & IRR calculations, tax benefit analysis, and more

Committed to increasing your cash flows

EnergyLink is committed to performing services that increase the cash flows of our clients, the sustainability of our national ecosystem, and the quality of life of those in the communities we serve.

In accordance with that commitment to efficiency, we have extensively vertically integrated and are capable of designing and managing our own projects without subcontracting key operations to third parties, thus reducing costs and increasing economic benefits In addition, our firm prides itself on providing the highest and most sophisticated solutions available to our clients, and we relentlessly search for the cutting edge in energy technology to that end.

Financial tools we utilize

Debt financing

We have several debt financing options available and various capital providers for each option. This assures that our customers are able to select a financial product that works for them and select a provider of that product that offers the best rates and terms available and that the customer trusts.

These options include cash out mortgage refinancing, small business loans, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, Property Assessed Clean Energy financing, USDA REAP and B&I loans, DED/DOE loans, and more. We are agnostic to the lenders themselves and instead focus on providing what the customer needs and desires in a financial partner We work with both local and national firms and with firms that specialize in energy financing as well as generalists.

Leases & PPAs

If a customer is not amenable to taking on debt or would rather not own the energy assets directly, a lease or PPA is a great option Leases and PPAs offer the benefits of reduced utility expenditures while only requiring a simple monthly or yearly payment.

These structures do not disturb any existing mortgage or property lien and so are appropriate for customers whose properties are otherwise encumbered.

For nonprofits who are unable to take advantage of the investment tax credits, we have lease and PPA contracts available with tax equity investors who will offtake the tax credits in exchange for an equity investment that decreases the cost to the customer.

Rebates & grants

In addition to project financing, we work on customers’ behalves to secure the highest rebates and grants possible to decrease overall project cost and increase economic viability Our team is well versed in the application and verification processes for incentives including utility company solar energy and demand rebates and local/state/federal grant and award programs.

Tax Incentives

There are substantial tax incentives available for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects involving MACRS depreciation, bonus depreciation, and investment tax credits Our financial analysis incorporates these into our projections to show our customer’s the benefits available and we work directly with our customers’ accountants to file and secure these benefits.

Why EnergyLink is different

EnergyLink takes a unique approach where, before we even make recommendations for energy projects, we run multiple financial models to ensure a strong ROI for your company. Here’s an example of one model and a few graphs we send to each client.

EnergyLink Financial Model Example
EnergyLink Financial Charts

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Using the tools above, EnergyLink can help you create a self-fund energy project with an economically viable return on investment.

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