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3 Ways to Invest in Our Planet this Earth Day

invest in our planet

Earth Day 2022 is coming up this week on April 22. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” At EnergyLink, we are dedicated to the decarbonization of our planet. To further this mission and In honor of this Earth Day, we wanted to share ways communities, companies and organizations can contribute to decarbonization and a cleaner future for our planet.

How to Invest in Our Planet

1. Reduce air pollution

Forty gigatonnes (1 billion tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere on an annual basis. CO2 emissions are one of largest sources of air pollution and global warming. Taking measures to lower your company or organization’s carbon emissions is just one way you to invest in our planet’s future.

These measures can include adding air quality to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting and priorities, reducing vehicle emissions be encouraging carpooling or electric vehicle (EV) use (implementing EV charging stations at your facility). implementing renewable and energy efficient technology. Measures can also include carbon capture and storage (CSS) efforts, such as planting trees, and implementing renewable and energy efficient technology.

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2. Implement efficient & renewable energy

Implementing renewable and energy efficient technology will allow your company or organization to utilize a cleaner power source, lower carbon emissions and even cut energy costs. Energy efficiency technology such as LED lights and building automation systems lower energy usage and therefore energy costs. Renewable energy systems include power generation sources such as wind turbines and solar arrays, and energy storage systems such as batteries. To invest in these renewable technologies is to Invest in Our Planet.

3. Invest in ESG initiatives

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. ESG reporting is a tool that rates and scores companies based on these criteria so that potential investors have a more transparent understanding of the company. ESG scores encourage companies to implement environmentally friendly practices and technologies. In this case, Investing in Our Planet could mean either implementing ESG initiatives at your company or organization, or investing in companies that are doing so.

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Start investing in our planet today

If you are interested in reducing air pollution, implementing renewable energy and investing in ESG initiatives, parter with EnergyLink. We are a certified Energy Service Company (ESCO) that designs, builds and secures funding for relabel and energy efficiency projects across a variety of sectors. We will be your partner throughout each state of the project and work to produce a custom solution and results to satisfy your needs. Click the button below to get started. If you would like to speak with a team member directly, dial (866) 218-0380.

If you are interested in reading about more ways you can Invest in Our Planet, click here.

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