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    Our systems are installed on both non-profit and owner occupied buildings. We can facilitate all needs, either investor owned, energy performance contract, or owner purchase. EnergyLink can work with every customer ensuring maximized returns through our top notch team of engineers.

    Retail complexes, office complexes, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, industrial manufacturers, shopping malls, retail and food vendors, shipping and receiving depots, banking establishments, medical campuses, apartment complexes, non-profit organizations are some examples of facilities and building types in which we provide customized energy investment consulting.


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    energy funding sources

    Our financial analysts provide you with the best energy funding sources available to finance your project

    Our financial analyst team prepares several financing options for our customers allowing for flexibility in the project. We provide a variety of options, several involving no out-of-pocket expense, each offering different terms and rates. Here is a list of several options we work with:

    Government energy funds

    The USDA Rural Development Office offers grants (up to 25% of total project costs) and loans (up to 75% of total project costs) that can be used for energy effcient and renewable energy projects. This is a great financing option for rural small businesses (50,000 people or less).

    Third party investors

    A third-party capital provider that specializes in financing energy efficient and renewable energy projects. Terms are approximately 5-7 years with a fixed interest rate of 5-6%. This form of financing requires no money down, and it collateralizes the systems installed.

    Bank loans for energy projects

    EnergyLink will work with your bank and loan officer to negotiate loan terms, and financial analysis for your project. Our past projects have been fairly creative with financing from using existing equity in their building to collateralize the loan to utilizing a conventional commercial loan. There are several possibilities which EnergyLink can help your company explore.

    PACE financing

    Provides 100% funding for energy efficient and renewable energy improvements. PACE funding is an off-balance sheet funding tool that adds an annual assessment to your property taxes and doesn’t utilize any of your existing lines of credit. PACE is designed to help businesses and property owners make improvements that result in positive annual cash-flows.

    Energy performance contracts from EnergyLink

    An energy financing option EnergyLink offers to customers which allows your company to install the project with no money down. A portion of your monthly savings will finance the project costs, and leave the customers with 5-20% monthly savings.

    Utility loans

    Local utilities offer loans to help your business make energy improvements to your facility. These are low interest and terms vary based on specific projects. Contact your local city or utility provider to see if they offer any efficiency or renewable energy loans.

    additional energy investment benefits

    Energy funding grants

    The U.S. government offers many grants for businesses and nonprofit organizations who are interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    Utility rebates

    To incentivize customers, utilities offer rebates for energy improvements such as solar (PV) panels, LED lighting, HVAC upgrades/automation, insulation, and more.

    Energy efficiency tax credits

    The Solar ITC (Investment Tax Credit) offers a 30% tax credit for businesses, utility providers, and homeowners who interconnect solar on their property.

    Tax deductions

    Many energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, such as solar (PV) panels, lighting, insulation, HVAC, and energy storage offer accelerated depreciation schedules for businesses.

    Invest in renewable energy

    With us as your trusted energy investing company, you can expect an effortless surplus cash-flow

    In addition to the year-over-year cash-flow from the utility savings, other incentives include government grants, utility rebates, tax credits, and accelerated depreciation schedules. Our energy investments create a lowered operating expense every year. This then creates a surplus cash-flow without the effort of creating additional revenue.

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    Why invest in renewable energy?

    Get funding for solar energy projects

    The U.S. government offers many grants for businesses and nonprofit organizations who are interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    Lower utility costs while generating a cash-flow

    The U.S. government offers many grants for businesses and nonprofit organizations who are interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    Make an investment in clean energy

    Going green shows your customers you care about the environment and this planet’s future. Promoting your green stance is a great way to acquire customers interested in clean energy.

    Renewable energy financing is here to stay

    Investing in renewables and green energy is on the up-rise and will only continue to rise. Building a relationship with an energy investment company can open up countless doors in terms of financing, efficiency, and a life-long investment.

    Start investing in renewable energy

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